I bring the perspective.

Bringing sense to the senseless.

I refuse to lay down 

Standing up for the innocent 

I Made a compromise

For the polarized 

I will stand up

For the defenseless

When they put your heart on trial 

I’ll be ur character witness.

I’ll be by ur side

Thru it all

When no-one else is.



Looking out my window
Everyday, it’s what I see
A bunch of Normal people
Not looking back at me.

I see lots of normal people
Doing lots of normal things
They’re living normal lives
Having lots of normal dreams.

But when they all go home
And behind all those closed doors
I have a feeling “normal”
Isn’t so normal anymore.

Cause all those normal people
Have many normal secrets
Normal drinking, normal cheating
Normal lies and normal screaming.

Normal hatin, normal lovin
It’s OK, I won’t say nothing.
Some might even say
It’s called, Normal Dysfunction.


Saddened by memories of another time.
Feeling from a jaded state of mind.
Your voices whisper in the breeze..
From so far behind.
I can still see your faces
When I close my eyes.
Seeing you exactly as you were
It still makes me cry.
We’re together again
When I dream at night
But it never lasts..
You disappear again
With the morning light.
The light I now despise.
With the Sun
I Do Not Rise.
Each new day
Does nothing but remind…
The life we’re supposed to have now…
Lives only in my mind.