This is a warning..

A warning for all…


That person that loves u so much today 

Can tomorrow be the cause

Of ur greatest pain.


A Pain causing such devistation

A pain so painful 

You’ll never be the same again. 

Don’t get me wrong 

I’m not saying 

Not to love…

Fact is… 

We should love 

With a love so strong… 

It can withstand 

Any evil or tempentation

Thrown in our direction. 

Unfortunately this isn’t how it is. 

It’s what most Want and Wish for  




She can’t sit still..
It’s time to move on.
She’s got change in her pocket but
Nobody to call.

So there she is
On the side of the road.
She doesn’t know where she’s going
She’s just gotta go.

She was Caught off guard
When He pulled over ..
Slowing down to a stop
For her on the shoulder.

He offered her a ride
She didn’t decline
She hesitated for a minute but..
Accepted to save time.

She had no idea
What she had just become
An innocent victim
In a world undone.

I wish she could have heard me
When she got in…
I told her to run but
She couldn’t hear it.

I wish she could have seen me..
Seen what he’s done before
It’s too late for me
Now it’s too late for her.

She just made
Her last mistake..
What she ran from
Is what kept her safe.

Now nobody that she knew
Will ever be the same
And he’ll move on to the next one
His life unchanged.