I have ignored, eluded, and tried escaping from time.
I’ve tried bargaining, rationalizing, minimalizing, and denying time.
Fact is, you can’t run
You can’t hide
No matter what you try to try.
Time is a sure thing
Like Death and Dying
The thing about death is
It’s over when you die.
It comes to an end
Unlike Time.
There’s nothing more certain
Than the continuation of time.
It was going by before you lived
And it will continue to go by after you die.
You can never, ever
Say goodbye to Time.

Of all my enemies
Time is #1
Time has never favored me
To me time has not been kind.



Don’t forget…


Web Of Lies




Right now someone Somewhere 

Is Kissing someone they love goodnight 

While at the same time 

somewhere else someones husband 

Is sleeping with someone else’s wife

Right now somewhere 

someone elses husband 

Is beating his newlywed pregnant wife 

While Somewhere someone else is

about to commit a horrific crime

A crime causing someone else 

somewhere to ultimately lose their life. 


And Somewhere someone else

Is fighting hard to survive 

With every breath and

All they have

They’re fighting hard for their life .