A lifetime of living one way
Can’t be fixed in just one day.
I know it won’t be easy.
Nothing worth it ever is.
But I promise I’ll keep trying for you
And give it all I have to give.
Thank you for finding me
Thank you for waiting
Thank you for being so perfectly patient.
Things are changing
Every single day
A light has now appeared
Where darkness used to stay
You’ve given me strength
And shown me there’s another way
I can leave my past behind me
And begin my new life today.
I know you’ll never leave me
Like so many before you have done
And I know you’ll always love me
As I will love you in return.


Tic Toc, tic toc…
Blood ready to boil
As I Watch the clock.
A couple more minutes
I might just go off.
I try patiently waiting
With fear and anticipation
Of what’s happened to you
Of the worst situation
I get so worried
And I fear the worst
Pacing the floor
I’m Going back and forth
Don’t you understand
It’s not anger, its love.
It’s because I really care
That I worry this much.


This is a warning..

A warning for all…


That person that loves u so much today 

Can tomorrow be the cause

Of ur greatest pain.


A Pain causing such devistation

A pain so painful 

You’ll never be the same again. 

Don’t get me wrong 

I’m not saying 

Not to love…

Fact is… 

We should love 

With a love so strong… 

It can withstand 

Any evil or tempentation

Thrown in our direction. 

Unfortunately this isn’t how it is. 

It’s what most Want and Wish for